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Pilot to Pilot Episode 55: Pilot Shanelly (Dancing Pilot)

Published by Pilot to Pilot Aviation Podcast

What is going on Avination and welcome back to episode 55 of Pilot to Pilot podcast. Today, I am talking with Shannon aka PilotShanelly on Instagram. In today's episode, Shannon and I talk about...

  •  Find out what ShaNelly got into aviation
  •  Her dad flew the B52 bomber.
  •  What Shannon looked for when choosing an aviation school.
  •  Shannon talks about what it was like to balance athletics and flying.
  •  Why Shannon's parents only wanted her to do her PPL first to see if this is what she really wanted.
  •  I talk about how I made excuses during my flying training.
  •  Shannon talks about the support system she had while she was in her training.
  •  How her non-aviation friends thought it was really cool she was becoming a pilot.
  •  Shannon talks about an instructor that gave it to her straight.
  •  How Shannon felt rushed during her PPL training.
  •  Shannon talks about the troubles she had with her training.
  •  How Instrument training was a pivotal moment in her career.
  •  How important your IFR training is.
  •  Shannon talks about how consistency is very important in aviation
  •  Shannon talks about how she built her time.
  •  Shannon talks about the transition from CFI to regional.
  •  Shannon talks about some crazy stories from her time as a CFI.
  •  Shannon talks about the dynamic of a male to female cockpit when she was a CFI.
  •  Shannon talks about flying wings for children.
  •  Shannon talks about how she loved being a CFI.
  •  We talk about how important it is to have a good CFI.
  •  Shannon talks about regional life.
  •  How no one prepared Shannon for the logistics of an airline pilot
  •  Shannon gives three tips to a new student.
  •  How no one really prepares you for the life of an airline pilot.
  •  Shannon talks about how and why she applied to the majors
  •  Shannon talks about the reason behind the Instagram dances.