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8 Female Pilots You Should Follow on Instagram

Posted by Mike Arnot on The Points Guy

Instagram: it’s full of images of fantastic destinations, incredible views, and an opportunity to waste time.

Dozens of commercial pilots are posting their trips, but a special group of pilots on Instagram has gained prominence, sharing their travels and career journey. They just happen to be female.

Female pilots are increasingly common. Citing industry statistics, Mireille Goyer of the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide said there are just shy of 7,000 female airline pilots in the US, which represents less than 5% of the total. However, there are currently 15,971 female student pilots, about 15%, in the system now. “Closing the gender gap begins with an up-close and personal introduction to aviation and meeting local relatable role models,” she said.

A number of pilots use Instagram to tell their story, inspire others, and have fun while doing it. While you wait for the chance to fly with them or spot them on your travels, here are eight female pilots on Instagram to follow now.